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                DYNMAP for the Server:
To access the Rules, please login at the top left corner!

Here you can make purchases to support the server and the community in it!

Player Points is the premium currency in InvictaMC for upgrading your player rank.


Please email server.invictamc@gmail.com  with your Minecraft username and the transaction ID for shop-related support. The usual response time is 1-7 days.


Payments are processed and secured by Tebex Checkout. A variety of payment methods are accepted, including paypal, debit and credit cards.

InvictaMC is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by Mojang Studios.

You can donate to help keep our server and our community going by selecting the "Packages" option.
You will have the option of a standard $3 donation or the freedom to increase that amount to however much you would like.